Exclusive Pics : Sachin Tendulkar With The Swamy Army in Australia

Among the flag-waving, drum-beating lovers of Indian cricket at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Anurag Verma is trying to remain positive despite his team's seemingly hopeless position against Australia."The aim of the group is not just to support the Indian team but we want to create an atmosphere that people come back and watch live cricket," 30-year-old organiser Amit Grover told AFP."You see empty stands during Test matches and that's not a good thing. So it's not just about getting Indian fans out, but all fans out." Grover, born in Australia to Indian parents, says in every other sport his allegiance is to those wearing the green and gold but cricket is different.

"And that's where this tour is very difficult for us because actually most of us are Indian Australians," he said of the Swami Army. A swami is a Hindu religious teacher, but the name was chosen simply as a play on Barmy Army. CLICK ON THE PICS TO ENLARGE