India will struggle abroad if Sachin quits: Lara

West Indies batting great Brian Lara wants Sachin Tendulkar to continue playing for India and he feels without the Master Blaster, the team will struggle when playing outside India. Lara, who is one of the many admirers Tendulkar has in cricket world, praised the Mumbai man for his dedication to the game since the age of 16. "I have always been adamant and will continue to be about Sachin (Tendulkar).

He has been representing your country since the age of 16, and when at that age, he had the sense to devote his life to the service of Indian cricket, we should all realise that he will also have the sense to decide when to walk away from it," Lara told "Mail Today" newspaper on Monday.

"He is still one of the best batsmen in the side, and if India were to start touring overseas without Sachin, I would begin to worry about their batting performances," the left-hander added. Tendulkar retired from One Day International in December, 2012 but continues to play the longer version. He is without a Test hundred since January 2011. In the ongoing series against Australia, his highest score in 81.


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