Dreams Do Come True – The Story of How I Met Sachin Tendulkar

April 6,2013 : A Day that will never be forgetten in my life, Yes I Met the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar in Chennai before the start of the Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super kings game in a Hotel(Name not mentioned), I had got the appointment at 5 pm, but till 4 o clock it was not confirmed, Me and my cousin(elder cousin working in a bank)were playing cricket in our house, when it was confirmed that we are meeting the master we could not believe, we got ready in the next 15 mins and left home by 4.15 pm.

We both while travelling in car decided that a colour printout should be taken, so after searching for more than 10 mins around 4.30 we entered a xerox shop where i decided to take screenshots of my blog,facebook page and twitter account. finally reached the hotel by 4.44 pm. After heavy security check we entered the hotel. we went to the receptionist and informed him that we have an appointment with Sachin Tendulkar at 5pm, he called around 10 to 11 people and informed us that we will meet sachin by 5.10 pm.

we were eagerly awaiting, those ten mins from 5 to 5.10 was like a long time, exactly at 5.10 the receptionist asked us to wait outside the Mumbai Indians team meeting hall, but security officials stopped us from moving further, then the receptonist informed them about us and one among the security staff accomponied us to the Mumbai Indians meeting hall.

OMG OMG !! Ricky Ponting & Keiron Pollard were just inches away from us, This KP is really a beast, Ricky was very cute, Bhajji,D Karthik, Rayudu followed Them, few secs later Sachin & Rohit Sharma entered, we were totally speechless, the bodyguard outside the hall did not allow us inside as it is only alloted for players, we explained him about our appointment with sachin tendulkar, but he was not convinced.

After two to three minutes the Manager of Mumbai Indians arrived there & He knows about our appointment with Sachin, He Smiled and went inside the meeting hall. The Moment Finally Arrived Sachin Tendulkar Came out of the Hall Towards Us & Asked Waiting For Me ?? Then Why Dont You Let Me Know When I Was Entering The Hall  ?? My Heartrate was Pumping, Sachin Tendulkar Standing in Front of Me, Can You Believe !!


I Asked Sachin to Sign an Autograph & Showed him the Colour printout. I gave him a black sketch, Sachin got it from me and he asked me to remove the cap of it. He Was AWESOME !!!!!!!


You can see from the Pic above he is signing the screenshot of this blog.

GOD’s Autograph :



Then Finally Managed to Take a Pic With the God of Cricket Himself. After taking the snap sachin went back to the meeting hall. We both could not belive what happened. Our feet were on the air, we could not react, we went back to the reception hall waited for all players to get to the team bus. After players left the MI manager was asking is anyone named ashok waiting here.I can't even tell my name to sachin,u know how it feels. Sachin Tendulkar knew that a guy named ashok is waiting to see him, but he does not know it was me.

When sachin got into the team bus i and my cousin waved my hands towards him, he responded with a smile and also waved hands, what else can you ask for ??

Sachin Said on March 16,2012 "Chase Your Dreams, Dreams Do Come True"
Chased it For More Than A Year & Finally Succeeded on April 6,2013