Dear Ricky Ponting Look at These Stats : Sachin has won more matches than Lara

"Sachin and Lara were the two stand-out batsmen for me. Lara won more games for his team than Sachin probably has. I'd lose more sleep as captain knowing Lara was coming in to bat next day than I would with Sachin," said Ponting. "You always found a way to restrict Sachin if you needed to. Lara could turn it on in half an hour and take a game away from you.

For me, it has never been about making hundreds, it is about winning games and series," Ponting was quoted as saying by the 'Evening Standard'. Australia may have suffered an agonising defeat in the first Test against England but Ponting believes that the Aussies will win the series 2-1. "I said 2-1 to Australia at the start and nothing has changed for me, no," he insisted. "We've got a lot of hard work to do but it seems like things are on the right track.(PTI)

Dear Ricky Ponting Look at These Stats :

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