Sachin Tendulkar & Me - An Emotional Ride

When Sachin Tendulkar made his Debut in 1989 I was not even Born. When Sachin Represented India for the first time in 1992 World Cup I was not even a Year Old. When Sachin Scored that magnificent 90 vs Australia in 1996 WC i was in kinder garden. I Don't even remember a Series That was Played Between India & Australia at Sharjah During 1998. When Sachin Tendulkar returned after his Father's death and scored that 140 against Kenya in the 1999 world Cup I was in class III  

Like any Other Kid Cricket was my favorite game in my childhood. It was around the year 2002/03 i really started following Cricket Seriously. The Victory over England in the Natwest Finals at Lords & Sourav Ganguly taking off his shirt, that one moment made me Love Cricket even more. The 2003 World Cup Was one of my Most Favorite cricket Tournaments ever. Watched Every India Match. Started Cutting Pics of Sachin from  daily newspapers after every match. A day before the final i bought a new Indian jersey and made a hand made India Flag and sat in front of the Television. India Lost, but i was happy in a way that Sachin Won the Man of the Tournament award.

The 2003/04 India s Tour of Australia Was a Big Turning Point for me. For the first time in My Life got up early in the morning just to watch India Play. Sehwag, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid Everyone Scored Centuries In the First Three Tests. Fourth Test "Sydney". Sachin Tendulkar Scored that Awesome Knock of 241 Without Playing a Single Cover Drive. From that Point Sachin Tendulkar was my Most Favorite Player. It was after that test I watched Cricket just because Sachin was playing.

Time Passed by and My Love for Sachin Tendulkar kept on Increasing as time Passed by. The day Sachin scored 175 vs Australia in Hyderabad i was at a family function, watched that match with entire relatives and friends. Almost cried when India lost that match! At that time, i looked back at the Cricket cards that i bought during my childhood to my surprise out of 400 more than 200 were sachin Tendulkar during various matches. 

February 24, 2010 - Evening 5 Pm I was returning from college. Every one of us were shouting like anything when sachin scored 100 . When i got into the bus sachin was batting at 150*. eveyone in the bus were busy sending messages, making frequent calls, the anticipation of knowing how much sachin scored. When he crossed anwar s record you could not express the moment in words. When finally sachin scored 200 out of excitement i shouted inside the bus. Even the bus conductor, driver and every passenger shouted in joy! That moment made my feel What sachin Tendulkar meant to every cricket fan

October 2010 - Decided to start a blog for the master blaster. I wanted this to be the best where people should get every latest news, pics, videos and every other related news about the master blaster. at the beginning, i was not getting that much response. But after some point of time the blog reached started recieveing great traffic The south Africa series was a treat. Sachin scored two back to back centuries against Steyn and Co. It was around that time in 2010 started to learn everything about the master. From his debut in 1989, to his desert storm knock and many more. Read Many Books about the Master. 

2011 WC - Words are not enough to speak about that tournament! Dhoni Finishing with a six, sachin comes running to the field hugging Yuvi, Happy tears all over the world. The Moment When Sachin was carried on his Shoulders was really a Goosebumps moment. Was happy To shed some happy tears at that time. Whenever I see the Pic of Sachin with the World Cup I Feel as If I have won the World Cup. To be honest from that moment my only dream and vision was to meet sachin Tendulkar!
The 100th Century was such a prod moment for me as a fan. March 16 was also my dad's birthday. We celebrated double happiness with the entire family.

December 2012 -  India was about to Face Pakistan in the 1st ODI at Chepauk. I was really excited. Decided to watch sachin bat live at the stadium for the first time in my life. My friend was standing at the queue to buy the ticket for me. The moment of shock came around 11.30am in the morning that sachin retired from ODI. The next moment i phoned my friend and ask him not to buy me the ticket. Could not Imagine ODI cricket without Jersey No. 10!

February 2013: my dream was  always to meet sachin  Started chasing my dream. Tried many sources to get near sachin sir but it all ended in a very big disappointment. India was scheduled to play Australia in the first test of the series. India was bowling first, so i went to Chepauk on day 2 when India started batting. Sehwag and Vijay got out early. . The moment finally arrived Sachin Tendulkar walked to bat. The entire crowd started the sachin sachin chants. For the first time i was watching sachin live in a stadium.,you can understand how i felt! At the end of day two sachin was not out on 76.the following day i was scheduled to return to my hometown but i requested my dad and cancelled the tickets and went to Chepauk again only for sachin. . Though he was out for 84 to next day. The joy of watching sachin Tendulkar live at a stadium in something unforgettable.

IPL 2013 :

Mumbai Indians was scheduled to play on April 6 at Chepauk. With a belief, that i will meet sachin boarded the train on 5th night and reached Chennai on 6th morning.

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The IPL 2013 and CLT20 victory was such an unforgettable feeling. What a way to end the t20 journey for the Mumbai Indians.

October 10,2013 was just another working day for me. Morning completed the days Tendulkar posts in the blog as well as FB pages and left to college. Till 2 o clock i was online on FB . Then when the college was over at four i received four messages from my friends "Its over, Sachin Retires". i thought they were playing with me and did not believe them, when i logged into my Twitter account yes it was True my entire TL Flooded with Tendulkar TWEETS. Donno how to react to be frank i was shocked. . had tears in my eyes when i got into the bus . i really thought that he will play at the Lords next year, but this was shocking

I was happy in a way that atleast he announced that he ll be playing a farewell test unlike ODIs. For Me Cricket will never be the Same without Sachin Tendulkar be it ODI, Test or IPL. I will watch India matches but not with the same excitement, I will not get up early in the morning, won't rush home to watch a cricket match.

Sachin Tendulkar you will Never Retire from our hearts. Thank you for the memories. would love to be in Mumbai for 200th test but I am in a situation where i Dunno first if I will watch your 200th test in television.

Hoping to get a chance again to meet you. Love you Forever !!