VIDEO : Shahrukh Khan's view on Sachin Tendulkar's Retirement

Hearing about Sachin's retirement made me feel for the first time, how one tends to take things for granted. Like the sun, or water, I had always thought Sachin would never walk away. I feel kind of emptied out. We began our careers more or less together, so there is an affinity I cannot explain, though, of course, he is much younger than me.

Though I respect his decision and know that I could never have influenced him, I wish I were in India to persuade him to play for maybe another 10 years? I have had many discussions on cricket with him, and this Almighty of cricket is the most informed expert on the game one can imagine.

However cliched it sounds, an era has ended with him. There was a thing Sachin had said in an interview a few years ago - 'when people throw stones at you, turn them into milestones' - it is something I'll never forget.  © TOI