VIDEO : Sachin Tendulkar appointed Ambassador for UNICEF in South Asia

Sachin Tendulkar, who retired from international cricket on November 16, became a UNICEF ambassador for South Asia in Mumbai on Friday. Tendulkar, who apart from playing excellent cricket for over two decades has also been part of several social development projects and initiatives, will promote hygiene and sanitation in the sub-continent. On a lighter note, Tendulkar remembered how he often forgot to wash his hands after a match.

"There was a stage when after playing cricket, I didn't want to wash my hands but my mother would ensure I do so.""Thanks for allowing me to start the second innings of my life," said the 40-year-old on his new role in Mumbai. "I am looking forward to being the ambassador for UNICEF and want to serve to the best of my abilities," Tendulkar added. (Courtesy : NDTV)