A Day in the Life of a Sachin Tendulkar Fan

20th August 1.30 PM :
It was Just like any Other Day in my Life before I saw a Tweet from Times of India which Read
"Sachin Tendulkar's Presence to Boost Youngsters At MRF Pace Foundation" on Friday.
The Moment I saw the Tweet I Made a Couple of Calls to my Friend Informing this News & asking them if anything can be done to meet Sachin This Time in Chennai. Throughout the evening my entire mind was occupied with the Thought of Sachin arriving to Chennai. Around 9PM on Thursday I saw Pics of Sachin arriving @ the Hotel on the "Hyatt Regency Facebook Page".

Courtesy : Hyatt Regency Chennai 

Post that I made up my mind that whatever happens I gotta make an effort to meet Sachin This Time.
21st August 7.30 am :
The Next Day Morning at 7am Myself & My Cousin Arvind Both Decided to go to Hyatt & wait in the Lobby to Try our Luck. We Reached the Hotel sharply at 7.45am & Waited till 9.15 am. There was no signs of Sachin till that point of time.. At 9.20 am we Decided to leave the Hotel & at the entrance we saw Glenn McGrath waiting for his Car. We both Went & Took Pics with him & left home. After reaching home at 9.45 am I Decided to Give it a Try by Going to the MRF Pace Foundation .

Myself with McGrath

August 21, 10.15am
I Googled for MRF Pace Foundation & Identified that it is Located in Chetpet. I Boarded an Electric Train at 10.25am & Reached Chetpet Station by 10.45am. I Enquired the Auto drivers at the Railway Station for Route to the MRF Pace Foundation, It was Around 2Kms from the Station. After Asking People on the Nearby Shops Managed to Reach the School by Walk at 11.20am.
The Security at the Gate Stopped me at the Entrance, after convincing him that I am here to attend the MRF Event he agreed to let me in. I Walked for Half a Km inside the School Wandering for the Location of the Event. I Reached the School Ground & Saw around 50 Students Enjoying their Physical Education Period. I asked the Teacher there about the Venue. I could See from here that in a long Distance there was some Crowd, he asked me to go there.
I was too excited & nervous since I am the only one walking across the school ground. When I Reached near the Venue where Sachin & McGrath were Interacting with Youngsters I could See a Small Fence In-between me (inside the School Ground) & the Place Where Event was Taking Place. I was Trying to Find out a Way to Cross that Fence & walked to a few Distance & there I saw a small gap in the fence & I managed to Cross it.
When I Reached the Venue Gate, Sachin was about to Leave from the Venue. I could not believe my Eyes Sachin Tendulkar was just Standing just 10 Metres in front of me. I Tried to Click some Pics & also Tried Clicking Seflies.

The Entrance of the Venue

GOD Coming out of the Event

Sachin Tendulkar in Front of Me


I Came Out of the School & Reached the Station again & came Back home at 12.30pm. After Sometime I Saw Some Pics of Sachin & McGrath Addressing the Media at Taj Club House & I was Sure & Confident that Sachin will not Leave to Mumbai in the Afternoon so Around 1.30 PM Myself & my Friend Vinod Both Decided to Go the Hotel again at 3.45 pm.
Hyatt 3.45PM :

Myself & Vinod at the Hotel Lobby

We both Went to the Hotel at 3.45 PM & Again Waited in the Lobby. Time Passed by & we never Lost our Patience. After Waiting for 4 Hours we Decided to Go Home with Disappoinment at 6.45pm. At the Hotel Entrance I Saw the Same BMW Car, which Sachin Travelled from MRF Foundation in the Morning. The Driver was Waiting in the Entrance.. We Both went & asked him if Sachin is Still here . He said Yes & Also Informed us that he is Going out somewhere & he is Leaving in the 4am Flight Today ( August 22). We Decided to wait in the Entrance...
From 7-8.15PM there was Around 500 People Entering the Hotel to Attend some Big Wedding Ceremony. Once the Crowd Stopped Coming, the Security & the Driver was Alerted & by Seeing their Activities we were Happy that Sachin is Gonna Come Down Any Moment.
Exactly at 8.30 PM Sachin Came Down from Some Unknown Secure Entrance & Boarded the Car. We Both Were Disappointed & Saddened that Despite so Much Of Wait we Could not Meet Sachin.
We Both Suddenly Planned to Follow the Car & Ran to the Parking Area to Get the Bike. At the Same time it started to Rain Heavily. Nothing Bothered Both of us, all we wanted was to Meet Sachin. Before we came out of the Hotel the BMW was Long Gone. Despite Heavy Rain & Traffic Vinod Drived so Brilliantly that we Spotted the BMW at the Signal. We Both Followed the Car in Heavy Rain. The Car Stopped at his Friend's House which Was Surrounded by a Dozen of Police . We were So Frightened since we were following the Car & also Police were There.

GOD inside the BMW

We Returned to a Nearby Shop & Waited for the Rain to Stop. We also Planned to take one Final step to see if we can meet Sachin. We Planned to Go to the Domestic Terminal at 3.30am in the Morning. When we Reached Home the Time was 10PM.
But Unfortunately due to Heavy Rains we Could not go to the Airport. But it was a Great Experience the Entire Day. We Were So Disappointed that we Could not Meet Sachin.
As Sachin said "Chase Your Dreams, they Do Come True". Will Continue to Chase the Dream of Meeting him again.