When Sachin Tendulkar Called His Die Hard Fan For a Lunch

By, Yuvaraj Zambare

We bring you an Exclusive article of Sachin Tendulkar calling a die hard fan of him to his home for lunch last week.An artist and a die hard fan of Sachin – Pramod Kamble. Who have spent his lot of time making potraits and statues of his God Sachin Tendulkar, had got a call at the evening

Pramod was busy working in his studio, suddenly phone rang. The smooth voice came out, ' Hello, Sachin Tendulkar here,can i speak to mr. Pramod ? Pramod cant believe it.. he thought for a while that someone was playing prank with him. But it wasn't a prank call. The god himself called his devotee. Pramod was stunned...he cant even able to speak. 'can you please come and meet me at my home?' Sachin said. Yes sir.. but why you want to meet me? Pramod said. I ve work with you.. i will text you my address. Pramod agreed without asking more questions.

maharastraOn very next day, he leave for Mumbai with his family. Sachin & wife Anjali welcomed them, after having
tea and some chats. Pramod shown some potraits and statues to sachin that he made for him. Sachin pointed one of them & said That ones great its my favourite shot but there's something missing in it. Will you please give me a pose sir so that i can make it proper ? Pramod said.

Sachin immediately get up and gave him a pose with mobile in hands as a bat. Pramod captured it and now he is going to make another statue. He gifted all the potraits and staues to sachin. That was the best 3 hours of my life pramod told the sources the humbleness of a great man. how sachin treated an ordinary man... it was the best Four hors of my life- Pramod.

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