Sachin Tendulkar in textbooks: Maharashtra school curriculum to include Master Blaster

School students in Maharashtra would get to learn about the 'God' of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, as part their curriculum activities from next academic year.

"The government is considering adding Tendulkar in school syllabus so that children are inspired by him," school education minister Rajendra Darda said.

"We are holding a meeting next week to discuss the issue," the minister told PTI.

Asked which standard students would get to study Tendulkar as part of their syllabus, the minister said, "These things are to be finalised. However, one thing is certain, that from June (the start of the forthcoming academic year), students will have a lesson on Tendulkar."

This is not the first time that students in the state will have to read on the life history of a cricketer as part of their syllabus. The likes of Chandrakant Gulabrao "Chandu" Borde and Sunil Gavaskar had found themselves in the pages of school syllabus.
Preliminary discussions have been held to include a chapter on Sachin Tendulkar in school curriculum in the state, the minister said.

"The Balbharati subject committee will discuss for which standards the chapter should be included," Darda said.

sr"Sachin retired at the age of 40 after an illustrious career of 24 years. He will go down in cricketing history as the king of 22 yards," Darda said.

"Sachin stood out for his passion to play for the country and his humility. His farewell speech at Wankhede Stadium showed us that like a big cricketer, he is a big-hearted human being too.

"The young generation can learn patriotism and commitment from him. The master blaster had never been involved in any controversy," the minister said.