VIDEO : Sachin Tendulkar’s Emotional Speech after his Retirement

"Friends, please settle down; I'll get more emotional. It's hard to believe my wonderful journey between those 22 yards for 24 years is coming to an end. I've a list of names to thank.

The first is my father, who passed away in 1999. Without his guidance, I wouldn't be standing in front of you. He said 'chase your dreams, don't give up.' I miss him today. My mom, I don't know how she managed a naughty child like me. She just prayed and prayed from the day I startd playing the game. For four years I stayed with my uncle and aunt when in school. They treated me like their own son.

"My eldest brother, Nitin, doesn't like to talk much, but he has always said, 'Whatever you do, I know you will give ou 100 percent. My first cricket bat was presented to me by my sister, Savita. She still continues to fast while I bat. Ajit, my brother. We have lived this dream together. He sacrificed his career for me. He took me to Achrekar Sir first. Even last night he called me to discuss my dismissal. Even when I'm not playing, we will still be discussing technique. If that hadn't happened, I would have been a lesser cricketer.